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Classic Rock

The Gods of Rock come alive and walk among us mortals on Astro's Classic Rock. As you play your air-guitar, hear the undisputed ax-men of Rock and their world-famous rifts on their favourite acoustic or electric.

Slow Hand Clapton, Slash, Page, Beck, Hendrix - these are names etched into the world's history of rock, and newer pretenders to the throne are not welcome on this channel.

While current FM music stations leave you gasping for original compositions with plenty of substance, Classic Rock on Astro gives you only the best from the legends. From Queen to Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple to GNR, The Clash to The Stones, Classic Rock is Asia's Original Rock Station.

You can enjoy Classic Rock on your iPhone and iPod touch, and soon, your iPad. Find dvrplayer in the Malaysian iTunes store to get all of Astro's music channels today.


Classic Rock Nite

When Programme What's On
12:00 am Classic Rock Mid-Dawn Classic rock favourites from midnight to dawn.
6:00 am Wake up with Classic Rock Wake up to Classic Rock's greatest songs.
10:00 am Rock On with Classic Rock Classic rock favourites all day.
4:00 pm Classic Rock Nite Rock on through the nite.
8:00 pm Classic Rock Nite Rock on through the nite.

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